The Hills Have Size [Uncensored]

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A university student Matsubara Ryoji was living alone. But he had uncle near the aparment, and he often went to his house. Because the uncle was busy and often absent, for his wife and daughter, Ryoji was reliable person. On the other hand, Ryoji secretly fell in love with the aunt, Kasumi. 

One day, the neighbor houses were robbed while they were absent. The uncle proposed Ryoji would leave the aparment and live together.  - (My anime list)

Short Review
Story about it is mainly about a hot wife who is unsatisfied as her husband doesn't fulfill her sexual urges not because he is unable to but because he does't want to and this is where Ryoji comes in. I would not like to take up much of your time so here it is Animation - 7, Story - 6.5, Vividness - 7, Character Design's - 8. Worth watching?? If you have a milf fetish like me the definitely if not yea i guess.

Anime Info:
# Episodes : 2
# Status : Finished Airing
# Date Aired : Dec 9, 2005 to Apr 14, 2006
# Genres : : Hentai
# Duration : 30 min. per episode

Encode Info:
# Type :Mkv 8Bit
# Resolution :480p
# Audio :Japanese
# Subtitle :English
# Size : 81.3Mb
# Encoder : Roronoa Zoro

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