Neotare Zuma Censored

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Reiko is sexually frustrated because her husband is obsessed with an idol that looks like her and only says the idols name during sex. Reiko tells Hiroaki's friend Taniguchi about this and offers to become sex friends to release all her pent up frustrations.

Opinion/Review - No Idea I have not watched it but its part of the encoder project so enjoy

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Anime Info:
# Episodes: 
# Status: Currently Airing
#Aired: Aug 17, 2012 to ?
#Genres: Hentai
#Duration: 16 Minutes

Encode Info:
Type : Mkv 10bit
Resolution : 480p
 Audio : Japanese
Subtitle : English
Size : 46 Mb
Encoder : Roronoa Zoro

Episode 01


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