Oshioki: Gakuen Reijou Kousei Keikaku Censored

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My name is Shimohei Joutarou. There is a reason that I'm here, at my new place of work, despite the fact that the school year hasn't started.

On that first day, I almost immediately came across Mitsuki's and Minami's secret. I then heard about Mahiru, younger sister of Classics teacher Kuji Hinako, and the astonishing improvement of her grades. I then discover indications of Hinako's backdoor maneuverings.

Now, it is up to me to rehabilitate these students who break the rules.

Anime Info:
# Episodes: 03
# Status: Finished Airing
#Aired: Nov 18, 2011 to Jun 15, 2012
#Genres: Hentai

Encode Info:
Type : Mkv 10bit
Resolution : 480p
 Audio : Japanese
Subtitle : English
Size :40MB
Encoder :Tenshi

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Ep 01: Directlink | Embed Upload | Depositfiles
Ep 02: Directlink | Embed Upload | Depositfiles
Ep 03: Directlink | Embed Upload | Depositfiles

Episode 01
Episode 02
Episode 03 


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