Chikan no Licence Episode 2 "Uncensored Leak" HD Subbed

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Based on a game by Black Rainbow and C:drive.
A molester license allows anyone who has it to molest anybody and no one will interrupt. Sawanagare Taichi, a renowned molester, randomly targets girls in the train and provides entertainment not only for himself, but also to the rest of the commuters. Will the girls have a chance to escape from his clutches?
Anime Info:
# Episodes:1
# Status: Finished Airing
#Genres: Hentai
Encode Info:
Type : Mkv 8bit
Resolution : 720p
 Audio : Japanese
Subtitle : RAW
Size : 115mb
Encoder : Lemonoid

Episode 02: Embed|Mirrorcreator

Subbed Version
Episode 02: Mirrorcreator

Episode 2


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