DRACU-RIOT! [VN] English Patched

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Structural reform borough Marine City "Aqua Eden" 
, such as casinos and customs became legal, the only special island in Japan. 
On the island, it shall be deemed to be replaced students visit to set a big goal. His purpose was "to be graduated from the virgin". 
Hero and Mutsure Yuto, which is also the kind his friends, still not know, such as that of large it was purpose, visit the Maritime city to enjoy just a trip with friends. 

In that city, Yuto is witnessed the kidnapping! 
And can not be overlooked, is Yuto rammed the neck to the kidnapping - a whopping "vampire" Tsu !! become 
Yuto can not go back to the mainland, which has become a vampire, to live at sea city ...... to. 
But it was only only a small entrance of the story that now begin. 

In school tuition in the middle of the night is done, classmate (※ vampire) who swagger a moonlit night. 
Go excited about this until it no common sense out of a large uproar that experience. 

 Product Specifications / operating environment 

CPU: 1.3GHz must, 2.66GHz push above entering financial 
メholds an ri: 256MB must, 512MB or more entering financial push. Vista / 7 mustのoccasions 512MB, 1.0GB or more push entering financial 
VRAM: 2MB must, 4MB or more entering financial push

Corresponding OS: WinXP / Vista / 7

Resolution: 1280 * 720

Number of colors: full color

Sound source: OGG


Voice: Yes (full voice other than the hero)

CG viewing mode: Yes

BGM viewing mode: Yes

Event recollection mode: Yes

Message Skip: Yes

Save point: more than 90

Information About Characters 

Eroge Info:
 Audio : Japanese
Subtitle : English
Size : 3.9GB
Type : Visual Novel

CG Samples

Part 01: Mega
Part 02: Solidfiles
Wallpaper: Solidfiles
English Patched: Solidfiles


  1. sir.. can u gv another part link...got idm error on mega

  2. part 1 file corrupt (no files)

    1. https://mega.nz/#!V9RRWLLS!XcwzDkgTCDDSQ94bqBrj7IBXeyEqus2Qs0z-dMs8PgI
      Thats the link goes, file size 511 bites
      there is nothing when extracted, file corrupt/damaged


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