FAQ's About BLH

For Those Really don't know how the site works here's the basics if you want to download to this site

All videos have certain size on Black Light Hentai

If your here for Censored or Uncensored small things encoded you need to search for the hentai title or click Hentai A-Z or just browser about it if the title doesn't contain HD or 60fps its safe to say its on encoded size measures on 60MB to 100mb typical size.

Read Carefully (If you dont know to skip ads and containing  of the links):

1. All links here on BLH have shortener links minimum of 2 ads its for the effort giving by encoder.

Faqs on skipping ads if its keeping annoying as fuck

a. Use adblock (i encourage use it)

b. linkshrink if it redirect you to other linkshrink just continue dont close the site you redirected with because it will be your ship to go to shortest.
c. shortest have tendency to not show skip ads you need to refresh it until it show countdown and skip ads and thats all

2. When you finish on ads it will redirect on embedupload or mirrocreator links theirs always alternative links for it

a. In Embedupload i use mega.nz its typically the free dl site its make leecher happy and if you have some premium shit you can just download on uploaded.net its your own choice. The main purpose is that the site is offering free speed and reliable file share and it will not deleted on certain circumstances like 30days deletion or bandwith quota it will only deleted if its copyrighted.

b. Mirrorcreator cointains (Solidfiles"most reliable",Mediafire"other reliable",Mp4upload"For mp4uploads", Google Drive "For google fangays",Openload "IF you have no time to download and you just want to watch it" )

Notes : So for fuck sake dont complain about the ads that I'm adding all things here is free leecher intended for enjoying purpose you just need to be vigilant and patient about it.


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